Jules Janssen was actually wondering why we always talk in third-person on the web. As if Jules Janssen is a brand. Yuk! But if I would be talking in the first person, it's still expected of me to introduce myself. “My name is Jules Janssen, and I am a designer.” Cogito ergo sum type-o-way! Plus, I wouldn't be able to put my name first in the sentence, which is kind of problematic in terms of UX. So messy! So let's keep it pratical: Jules Janssen (1995) is a graphic designer from The Netherlands who graduated from KABK, The Hague. Specialized in visual identities, aesthetic ministrations and printed matter. Strongly believes in mistakes and likes to assume that swimming against the current while making grand gestures of subjectivity can help the community. For commissions, collaborations and chats: +31(0)639277146, info@julesjanssen.be, Instagram.